Intelligent PWM driver amplifiers for solenoid valves (RP208)

Whether dampers or pneumatic valves for air suspension systems: the rapidproto RP208 driver box allows you to control up to 8 solenoid valves with a PWM-controlled constant current of 0 – 2A.
The output stages are configured and controlled through a high-speed CAN interface, thus facilitating the use of standard control units.
All output stages are subjected to individual diagnostic testing for short circuits and openload. The diagnosis status is also transmitted to the control unit through CAN.
The RP208 is consequently the idea driver electronics system for prototypes that require additional output stages. It goes without saying that the RP208 is also the perfect complement to prototyping systems such as MicroAutoBox® from the company dSPACE.

Specifications RP208

Control unit for electronically controlled air suspension systems (RP100)

The RP100 control unit from rapidproto is the perfect introduction to chassis control. Based on Power Architecture from NXP, the RP100 offers 8 diagnosable driver output stages for controlling actuators. These could for example comprise 7 solenoid valves and a compressor relay or up to 8 damper valves.
4 digital and 3 analog sensor inputs are also provided. These can for example be used to read in 4 PWM height sensors along with analog pressure and temperature sensors or acceleration sensors. A high-speed CAN serves as a data interface to the vehicle.
Our basic software is configured in compliance with client requirements so that you can give your full attention to developing your functions. We will also gladly integrate your application and place a ready-to-use control unit at your disposal.

Analog-to-digital/CAN sensor signal converter (RP301)

With the RP301, we offer a solution for the use of up to 4 analog sensors (5V) in your prototype construction even if your control unit does not have enough analog inputs.

The analog sensor signals (0-5V) are analysed by a microcontroller and converted into both digital (PWM) and CAN signals.

PSI5-CAN converter (RP302)


Our RP302 converter allows you to use up to 10 PSI5 sensors without having to modify your control unit.
The RP302 supplies the sensors, analyses the signals, and transmits the sensor values cyclically to your ECU via the integrated CAN interface. Fault detection is also possible on the sensor side.
The RP302 allows you to switch smoothly from analog or PWM sensors to PSI.